birds of the shadows

My books in a locker, my heart in a box. i won't bother you at all. Even my thoughts are locked up.


Movies watched in 2014 1/?? : ADAM 
my favourite children’s book is about a little prince
who came to earth from a distant asteroid.
he meets a pilot whose plane has crashed in the desert.
the little prince teaches the pilot many things,
but mainly about love.

my father always told me i was like the little prince,
but after i met adam,
i realized i was the pilot all along.

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brilliant. and sometimes the ugliest produce tastes better.

I remember seeing a story on the news sometime ago that hundreds of millions of fruits and veggies are thrown out by grocery stores just because they don’t look pretty.

So someone took the ones that were about to be thrown out and sold them at a cheaper price.

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